Using the Everlyte Headlamp

Q: What does the package include?

A: 1 x Everlyte 230° LED Headlamp, 1 x USB Type C Cable

Q: Do I need to remove the batteries to charge them?

A: No, the Everlyte is USB Type C rechargeable. With that, Everlyte battery is not replaceable. If you face any issues with your batteries, please reach out to our support and we will do right by you.

Q: Can I turn off the motion sensor?

A: Yes, the motion sensor can be turned off by just pushing the button to activate or deactivate.

Q: Does the Everlyte fit on hard hats?

A: Yes, the adjustable headband can be easily adjusted to fit any size hats and heads.

Q: Is the wide beam blinding to others around me?

A: When you are surrounded by others, you can easily switch to the side beam feature to narrow down your coverage. Don't forget both front and side lights are dimmable as well.

Q: Is Everlyte made for the outdoors?

A: Yes, the no-bounce technology allows for amazing experiences when taking part in your favorite activities. It will feel natural instead of an external light bouncing on your head.